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HISA VPFE by-election

HISA Student Elections are a chance for University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) students to make a difference to their student experience, by voting for candidates who will represent the student voice on both a local and regional level. We recently held a by-election for our Vice President Further Education role, after Callum Stephen stepped down from the position, with voting held across UHI from 10th - 13th December 2018.

HISA elections are run by the alternative vote (also known as instant runoff voting) method. This is to ensure that our elected candidates are elected using a system that demonstrably elects a candidate with a majority of votes.

This particular election was extremely close between three candidates in the final stages of voting that required the use of a tiebreak procedure.

In the penultimate stage of voting, Jonathon Shaw led with 75 votes ahead of Natasha Morgan and Amber Little who were tied on 72 votes. As the two tied candidates total votes exceeded that of the leading candidate, one candidate had to be eliminated. The method for a tiebreak in this situation is to eliminate the candidate that had the fewest votes at the previous stage of voting. In this instance, Amber Little (69) had fewer votes than Natasha Morgan (71), and so Amber Little was eliminated.

Once Amber Little’s transferred votes had been redistributed, Natasha Morgan and Jonathon Shaw were tied on 82 votes. Therefore, the same tiebreak procedure of referring to the previous stage in which there was a leader between the two candidates were used. As outlined above, in the penultimate stage, Jonathon Shaw (75) led Natasha Morgan (72) and is duly elected to the position of Vice President for Further Education.

While running the regional election for VPFE, we also held local elections for Orkney College UHI - where Kaila Shepherd was elected - and at West Highland College UHI - where Katie Wrigglesworth was elected. We are pleased to welcome Jonathon, Kaila and Katie to the team and can't wait to see what they bring to HISA! 

Results - HISA Vice President Further Education

Results - Orkney College UHI Local Officer

Results - West Highland College UHI Local Officer