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HISA Funding


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HISA Clubs & Societies Funding 2018/19

HISA offer funding to  both new and existing Clubs and Societies. The funding application is open from 1st September up until 1st October 2019. This is an opportunity for existing clubs (a club that has been affiliated with HISA for longer than 6 months) to apply for funding for the upcoming year. For forms, please see below: 

Match Funding for New and Existing Clubs

Students from both established and new HISA clubs and societies are eligible to apply for match funding. 

This means that if you run a successful fundraiser for your club or society, HISA will match the money you raise, pound for pound!

How much can I get? 

Individual clubs and societies cannot receive match funding over £750 per round. The rounds are as follows:

Stage 1: September- January
Stage 2: February- May

How do I apply?

Match funding will run on a first come, first serve basis. 

Please note that clubs and societies must fill in a match funding application form prior to the event in order to be eligible.

To apply for Match Funding, complete the form below and submit it to Emma Robson - 

Following an event, clubs and societies must:

  • Provide evidence of the money raised
  • Submit a Match Funding Claim Form 
  • Supply photographs and a written summary of the event (to be used by HISA for promotional purposes)
  • Provide evidence of the Match Funding being received into a bank account

Want more info?

Check out these documents for more info on match funding, and for ideas on how to fundraise!

Terms and Conditions

HISA reserves the right to refuse applications where we feel fundraisers do not meet satisfactory standards.

‘Fundraising’ is designed to be a social event, whereby members of your club or society work together to gain extra funds.

We will not accept applications to match other external funding, as there is no evidence of community engagement.

HISA also reserves the right to refuse applications if no evidence is given, or if the application does not support HISA using photographs for promotional purposes.


For any questions relating to Match Funding, please contact HISA Activities Coordinator Emma Robson -